Chandra Bhedana is a calming and cooling pranayama suited for times of stress, distraction and overwhelm.

  • Begin in a tall seat, and quiet your eyes by softening your gaze downward or closing your eyes.
  • Place your L palm face down on your L knee.
  • Look at your R palm and bend your index and middle fingers down.
  • Your ring finger will close your L nostril and your thumb will close your R nostril.
  • Take your thumb to your R nostril and exhale everything out of your L nostril to start.
  • Then inhale through your L nostril with a steady and smooth breath.
  • At the top of your inhale, close both nostrils, then exhale through the R and slow down your exhalation, making it a little longer than your inhalation.
  • Do this for a few minutes at the beginning of your practice or take a few rounds any time you feel anxious, mentally distracted, or when you feel overheated.

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