Yoga and Nutrition Packages

Yoga, combined with personalized nutrition guidance is a winning recipe for attaining optimal wellness. As your awareness grows through the mindful practice of yoga, it will naturally lead you to a more nutritious diet and healthy habits.   The important thing is to approach your diet with the new purpose and awareness you are bringing to your body through your yoga practice. As your practice grows, so will your ability to listen to your inner wisdom.   Until that inner wisdom is broadcasting loud and clear, what it is you need to feel vital and balanced, I am pleased to offer support along this path.

Whether you begin by incorporating both yoga and holistic nutrition, or start with just one, rest assured that you will notice positive results as you nurture your body, mind and spirit with the empowerment that is derived from taking charge of your health!

I offer packages at reduced rates to encourage clients to take a look at the big picture. We are not simply what we eat. We are not simply what we do. Our state of health is a combination of how we nourish ourselves on all levels.

Intro Package – $150 ($20 savings!)
This package includes one initial consultation and a one hour private yoga session.

Follow ups – $115 ($25 savings!)
This package includes one follow up consultation and a one hour private yoga session.