“The Red Tent Retreat was one of the most eye-opening and transformational weekends I have experienced in a long time, maybe ever.  Communing with this small group of individually amazing and loving women fortified my understanding that we should treat ourselves and other women as the goddesses we truly are.  Self-care is as equally important as life’s other priorities.  As one of my Red Tent sisters expressed while conveying our lament at the thought of going home, “We don’t have to go back to ‘real life,’ this is real life.”  This statement has remained with me since that weekend and I have been doing my very best to adhere to this ideal.”

-Jenna B.

“The Red Tent Women’s Weekend Retreat was a restorative, enlightening, and powerful experience for me.  Everything I could ever want in a retreat was planned for:  Asana – three days of Emily Light yoga; Relaxation – hour long massage, sauna and salt scrub, and facials; Education – exploration of the female pelvic floor through anatomy and self massage; Meditation – guided as well as time for meditative walks in the forest; Community – small group setting and delicious food; and Divine Energy present every moment!  Not only is Emily a phenomenal yoga teacher, she also knows how to create space for retreat.  What a lovely experience.  Thank you Emily!”

– Leslie M.