One of my main goals in life is to make yoga accessible to everyone. This is why I love teaching yoga at offices and schools. How much easier can it be to get your practice on, then a mid-day break or a 5pm class at your workplace? Mindfulness practices have been shown to improve one’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. In addition to the individual benefit, group activities with coworkers or peers build morale and a cohesive community.

I teach yoga classes focused on postures and breathing, as well as meditation classes. Thankfully western science has jumped on board with a ton of studies demonstrating the positive effects of mindfulness  for both the business and the employee. Studies show that mindfulness practices can reduce workplace tension, improve communication, and increase adaptability to stressful demands. If you’re office hasn’t implemented yoga yet, it’s time!

Currently I’m teaching two classes a week at IDLWW, one yoga asana and one meditation class, a combined yoga asana and meditation class once a month at Eroi, and a guest teacher for Salt and Straw University. For more information on how to get yoga into your workplace or school,

Email me at : or call me at : 971-313-4747