My introduction into this practice was through a form called Forrest Yoga. Forrest Yoga is an intense, make you quiver, cry and sigh in one moment kind of practice. I needed that then. I was a full fledged type A human, driven to conquer just about everything, including the limitations of my body. I needed a strong practice to pique my interest, and Forrest hooked me. Because of it’s aggressive nature, Forrest also put me on a fast track to experiences like emotional releases. It was in one of my first yoga classes that I quickly learned that this practice was more than a work out. Crying on my mat, for no reason I could then comprehend, catapulted me into a deeper self inquiry than ever before. 

A few years later I got swept up in the faster paced vinyasa wave, and as a dancer, was romanced by the flow. However, overtime, I learned that I was able to receive more information with slower movements and while settling into longer holds of postures. Gentle became my new fascination, and it’s here that I remain. Within my yoga therapy studies with Swami Tureyananda in Southern India and Sarahjoy Marsh in Portland, I am continually amazed at the immense depth of the subtleties of this practice. Layers upon layers of investigative research is done while breathing in a posture. Here we can access our habits and patterns, our likes and dislikes, and the impressions left from previous experiences. This is the juicy stuff!

In my yoga guidance, I weave practical application of yoga philosophy into movement, breath and mindfulness. My aim is to offer a holistic approach to this practice. Yoga is a tremendously varied toolkit, which offers us ways to realize authentic intimacy with ourselves, others, and this thing that we call life. Let’s practice together.